Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am back

One year has passed by without posting any entries to this blog. There was nothing much happening in life other than work and too much of work (There are some good things happening on the personal front details of which will be divulged later). I just hope that in the coming days there will be time for me to update the blog atleast with some of the fotos taken by me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Into the asylum

Hurray. I have been admitted into the asylum today

Friday, April 15, 2005


This was taken when we were returning from talakkad after attending DSS bangalore bloggers meet.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The best gifts that i have ever recieved....

This V-Day tempted me to write about the best gifts that i have ever received(from her). I was thinking for more than a day to put my thoughts in words but in vain. Then in the end i just decided to take a photo of those gifts and put it here. I think they will describe my emotions in a much better way than my writing. There are two of them and I am not rating them as first or second, but instead i am putting them in the chronological order in which i received them.

This is the first one. I got this on 12th Nov 2003. It was my first birthday as her lover and she came up with this brilliant stuff. She says that this is her best portrait. I am very glad that i was part of it.

Though i needed to sit in the same pose for nearly 8hrs, i feel thats worth sitting. A trivia for the poeple who dont know about me - I cant sit quiet in a place for more than 5 mins whereas she made me sit for 8 hours. Love is powerful.

The next one is a cute soft toy that she got me for this V-Day. We had some bitter arguments on thursday(no prizes to guess who the cause is). On Friday when she came to office she decided to gift me something and the pretext for spending was V-Day. she had ordered me a gift online. Rediff had promised to deliver the gift with a personalised message. But it wasnt mentioned that the message will be printed on the cover and that the whole world can read it as though it was some headline news printed on a national daily. The toy was very cute and the message written on it conveyed a lot. I should accept the fact that i was blushing constantly after reading the message. Though we expected the gift to be delivered on 15th, we were surprised when it came on 14th. The best part is she couldnt even keep it a secret that she had ordered me something. Immediately after ordering she calls me up and says that she had got me a gift. She is so cute that she cant hide anything from me.

More than all these things, she is the best gift that i have ever got.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

101 and still going strong

101 and still going strong - No this is not a cricketer’s individual score but 101 lovely married days. She might beg to differ that not all the 101 days were lovely.

It all started nearly 3 years ago as a good friendship, turned into a one sided love (crush?) and then the rest is history. Nov 1, 2004 was earmarked as the D-Day for us to tie the knots. It was a match between two individuals who have nothing in common. We didn’t have any common taste and in fact we had contradicting taste. She loves to listen to Ilayaraja’s music whereas I prefer A. R. Rahman. She is on the quieter side and quietness and I are poles apart. I love to be a politician (honest politician) and she hates politics and has strictly told that if I enter politics, I need to choose between her and politics. If I start listing out the difference in our tastes, then it will run more than a normal blog size. This caused a lot of problems in us. We used to have petty fights which usually grow into a big one and then both of us won’t talk to each other for a while. But this time frame is maximum 5 minutes, because after that one of us would end up pacifying the other and it invariably turned out that she ends up pacifying me more often than I do (and I enjoyed it a lot).

When I look back at the days passed, I wonder how we managed to pull it together. The initial few days of marriage went in settling the house and adjusting ourselves to the new lifestyle. Even during this time, there were lot of arguments and differences in the way we want our house to be. The next few days were really horrible. We were approaching our first month of married life and we had a terrible time. We used to fight regularly and in fact daily and I was the culprit for most of them. We are in the same office which means that we were forced to see each other and in turn end up spending 24 hrs with each other which further increased the number of fights. This was a turbulent phase in our life. I used to think that we had lesser fights when we were just lovers. That was a good part of our life when we had nothing to worry but everything to enjoy. This turbulence got over soon and then the real fun started. We settled into a good rhythm and our understanding improved further. We started to think in other person’s shoes and this reduced a lot of misunderstandings and fights though not fully. During this period she ventured a lot into cooking and I was the guinea pig. We had Chinese food, Gujarati food, good south Indian food and so on and so forth. It was like visiting a different restaurant everyday. She liked to cook for me and I loved to eat (What else do you need).

We are settled now and have crossed 100 days but I still wonder as to what keeps us together. Probably this is what they call as love. Irrespective of the differences in taste, we love each other madly and would do anything for the other person. Thanks to god for giving me such a wonderful, sweet and loving wife. (Read her version here)

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